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Fashion Design & Merchandising

A combination of technical competencies with the business savvy required for the fashion entrepreneur.

Learn to design, create, and finish your product. 

Plan, coordinate, and launch your line to your chosen market.

2 year Diploma

Fashion Design Technology

Our most popular course for the creative talent in you. 


Hone your skills in illustration, pattern-making, then cut and sew.

Learn to create on your own from start to finish.

1 year Diploma

Fashion Merchandising

Focus on winning products for your customer.

Complete your business plan with design, product development, trends, retailing and more.

6 months

Fashion Styling

Develop your styling portfolio. 

Deliver your brand message across various media platforms. Cap the course with your own photo shoot

6 months

Branding and Merchandising

Fashion means business. 

Create your brand identity and communicate it to the world. 


Master end-to-end marketing and strategically merchandise  your product at your store, both physical and online.

1 year Diploma

Fashion Styling & Communication

Create the look that sells.

Develop campaigns using today’s media. Own your style.

1 year Diploma

Apparel Technology

Fashion as a craft. 

Technical skills to create: pattern-making, draping, cut and sew.

6 months

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